in 1849 when American mechanical engineer George Henry Corliss invented and patented rotary valves and variable valve timing for the steam engine named after him. Corliss engines delivered 30 percent greater fuel efficiency and surpassed the thermal efficiency of any stationary steam engine for the next half-century.

Captain Philip Allen owns Corliss Diesel and named the company in honor of his direct ancestor. Allen is a trained Diesel Mechanic, a 25-year Merchant Marine and a licensed over-the-road Heavy Equipment Inspector. Corliss has provided marine repairs in the Newport community for decades and is insured at all boatyards. Allen graduated from the University of Rhode Island School of Fisheries Science with a BA in Marine Affairs.

Comprehensive Services.

Corliss Diesel provides complete maintenance and repair of marine diesel propulsion systems and related components. Based at the Newport Shipyard, our skills, experience and resources equip us to address almost any power issue. Corliss also performs engine and mechanical surveys and provides pre-purchase advice.